This Man Looks Like 25 But Is Actually 52, All Due To His Lifestyle He Says

The fountain of youth belongs to one of the oldest myths on earth. Many still search for it till today. Yet sometimes it seems like it been found. Call it magic or genes. But some people truly don’t seem to age.

Chuando Tan is one of those cases, this handsome young looking man is already a staggering 52 years of age. Yet, he looks not a day older than 25.

In this article we’ll reveal you Tan’s secrets of how this man is winning the race against ageing. 

It’s hard to believe this good looking man is already over half a century old. Chuando Tan lives is Singapore and is highly dedicated to his healthy lifestyle.

Tan is a man of many talents. Funny enough he was a pop singer in the 80’s, that shows he’s already for a while in the game. Besides singing he’s also a talented photographer.

Chuando never actually realised how extraordinary his looks were until he posted a photo of himself online and the internet just went wild.

Chuando reveals that he truly believes that the biggest reason behind his looks is his diet which contains a high level of protein and healthy fats. Every day for breakfast, he takes 6 eggs. Plus, he is used to drinking milk along with avocados.
During the rest of the day, a large chunk of his diet consists of chicken meat. And he makes sure to eat his main meal early which gives his body enough time to digest.

To complement his eating habit, Chuando ensures proper sleep for himself and keeps himself hydrated. Also, he doesn’t indulge in drinking any kind of alcohol or substance abuse.

Also, Chuando mentions that he works out 3-4 times a week, which keeps him fit and mobile. Especially the swimming session.

By the look of it you would never guess that Chuando has a very sensitive skin. He makes sure to take proper care of it by moisturising his skin regularly .

These components make him look the way he looks. But of course he also has some pretty good genes.

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