This Book Lover Turns Her Impressive Library Into Imaginative Scenes

Every book lover knows that a great story can get you addicted and make you travel to a different universe. However, instead of leaving every fictional story under the cover of their book, the “bookstagrammer” Elizabeth Sagan pays tribute to her adoration for literature by arranging her novels into creative book art display.

For several years now, Sagan has been sharing her love of books with more than 100 000 followers on Instagram and she never seems to run out of inspirations for her book displays. Each book cover has a specific color and wisely combined with each others, they can create amazing scenes (always looking better from above). In all her imaginary scenes, Elizabeth his pictured among her meticulously placed books, always acting out the specific theme. Per example, in one image, she’s surfing on a “wave” of book with blue covers; in another, Sagan lies in the middle of black books placed in vampire wings shape.

Beside of her popular Instagram page, Sagan also runs My Book Features with her colleague, the “bookstagrammer” James Trevino. On that page, they share art image found in books by a worldwide community of literature lovers.


This is how “Bookstagrammer” Elizabeth Sagan pays homage to her love for literature. 

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If you are even more curious about her book installations, you can see more on her Instagram page.

Source: My Modern Met

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