The Line Between Hyperrealism And Surrealism Is Blurred By This Artist’s Giant Pencil Drawings

Jono Dry, a South African artist, taught himself how to draw. Even though he never had a teacher, he can bring his imagination to life in a magical way with a pencil and paper. We say he blurs the line between hyperrealism and surrealism because his drawing style fuses an incredible attention to detail along with a surrealist point of view – which make his work technically perfect and conceptually overwhelming.

Dry’s artworks, that can honestly be compared to photographs, feature extremely precise details like the delicate folds of the skin or even the little gleam on a water drop. He doesn’t forget anything, although his drawings don’t always have an actual meaning. It gives a dramatic, limit theatrical, sense to his work, but this lack of context  leaves us to create our own opinion about the meaning of the drawings.



The idea of freedom is what lead Dry’s drawings. He said, in an interview with ArtBookGuy; “I enjoy the idea of having no limit with my work. When the only limit is your imagination, it becomes a wonderful challenge to see how far it can stretch. It feels like I’m constantly exploring and pushing the boundaries of my own imagination with the goal to find something worth spending time, bringing to life in the form of a drawing.”


Self-taught artist Jono Dry draws a surrealist perspective through hyperrealism art.



One large drawing can take up to half a year to complete and it’s mainly because the artist pays extreme attention to details.


Dry is always happy to share his work in progress.






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To learn more about this amazing artist you can visit his website or his Instagram page.

Source: My Modern Met

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