Shocking Illustrations That Honestly Highlight How Our “Adult Acts” Are Badly Affecting On Many Levels

While we complain about the world desperately being a bad place to live, we forget that we should blame our selfs for many of our deeds that contribute to this evil world. A French artist, Dran, illustrated parts of it and it can’t be more honest.

The temperature of our planet is increasing to some record numbers and the climate change is at our door and leading us to an unsafe future. In addition to these serious environmental issues, too many social issues are increasing as well, so  a French artist Dran, raised his pencils to show the world the wrong sides of the society we are part of. This talented artist is often compared to the anonymous English street artist, Banksy. Why? Because he isn’t afraid of putting on paper the various and controversial issues like sexual harassment that people don’t want to face, poverty or even technology addictions.

Scroll below to look at his artworks;

1. Mind Unrestricted

Don’t let your mind be imprisoned by anyone else.


2. Overlooking Homeless People

We are pretending they don’t exist.


3. Charity Work, They Say

Just a constant scam!


4. Paper Warnings?

Is giving away flyers helping the deforestation in any way ?


5. Loneliness, My Best Friend


It also helps discovering your artistic side.


6. Extinction Is On The Rise

If we keep this beat, the future generation won’t have the chance to witness the living one.


7. Thinking About It Is Wrong Too!

Yes, it is.


8. The Bond

Why does this connect us all?


9. The setup

Never underestimate anything or anyone!


10. What Has The World Come To?

How credulous are you?


11. Feed the poor

How is wasting food fair?



12. Terrified

Bullying others has to stop.


13. Perspective

Give them a chance.



14. Coked up Santa

Where did the magic go?


15. Hungry artist

We should appreciate them when they are alive?


16. State of mind

What matters the most is the way you see yourself.

17. Freedom of speech

The only thing they know is to restrict!


18. Unleash the darkness within you

Use art as a medium.


19. Life partners

Is romance really dead.


20. Ignoring the reality

This won’t last for long!


21. Hide your betrayal

All we want is to survive!


22. Safekeeping

Why do we think it’s a good idea to by keep these things away from our kids?


23. Friends with benefits

Can we be friends again?


24. The pill paradise

What they want!


Hoping that this collection opened your eyes on some serious issues.


Source: Veri-Art


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