Seniors Are Buying Tiny Homes to Live Their Golden Years Off the Grid

The seniors of today want to enjoy their golden years and for those who are able to do so, assisted living is not a viable option. Their preference show a strong leaning toward tiny homes, often off grid and mobile. The demand from seniors aged from 50 to 70 make up a third of demand resulting in tiny house companies now specializing in designing and equipping homes with seniors in mind.

Bette Presley, 72 in 2013, chose to downscale and decided to go mobile and decided on a tiny home on wheels rather than a RV. Bette decided on a 166 square ft cabin on wheels with solar panels, the complete package provide her with the comforts of home and off grid living anywhere she wishes to go.

Shirley Louiselle on the other hand, just did not need the unused space of her home and wanted a smaller and more manageable home. Her grandson took up the challenge and build her a 240 square ft home, resulting in his business, Next Door Housing, the idea being to provide homes for parents and grandparents literally next door to their loved ones, be independent and have assistance when needed. These homes are designed with the elderly in mind and include features like lower countertops and cupboards and wheelchair accessibility.

Rather than retire, these three Italian grannies decided to start a business on the move called Sausage Nonnas . They travel with their tiny homes and host events called Sausage Sundays cooking traditional Italian fare.

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