Ethiopia Brakes World Record By Planting Over 350 Million Trees In 1 Day

In the whole discussion of climate change and deforestation, good initiatives are arising, thankfully.

India was the record holding country in the previous years. In July 2017 1.5 million volunteers came together in the state of Madhya in cantral India. They planted 66 million trees within 12 hours. This took place along the Narmada river.

But in the beginning of August this record got shattered. In Ethiopia a staggering amount of 350 million trees were planted in 1 day all over the country. With in the first 12 hours the old record was broken.

By fulfilling the tree-planting record, the country is surpassing its Green Legacy goal, conceived by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, of planting 200 million trees in a day at over 1,000 sites.

Deforestation is being fought with Afforestation and Juliette Biao Koudenoukpo, Director of UN Environment’s Africa Office explained in an official statement:

“Afforestation is the most effective climate change solution to date and with the new record set by Ethiopia, other African nations should move with speed and challenge the status quo.”

“Africa has what it takes to spearhead this global push and as the most affected and vulnerable continent, climate change mitigation must be the topmost priority in the coming days. We at UN Environment are taking the lead in helping to build capacity for nations and people to apply themselves to afforestation and climate change mitigation strategies.”

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