Denmark And Sweden Are Connected By A 5-Mile-Long Bridge That Transits Into A Tunnel

The bridge connecting Copenhagen, Denmark with Malmö, Sweden is named the Øresund. The special passageway has made it easier than ever to travel between the 2 countries separated by water. The way consisting of a cable-stayed bridge that runs five miles to an artificial island where the vehicles enter a tunnel for an extra two and a half miles. The upper level is for the cars and other vehicles while the railway line runs below.

The artificial island named Peberholm, was simply built to connect the bridge and the tunnel, but this man-made land turned out to have a positive impact for the local flora and fauna. Many species have been allowed to freely develop on the island, which made it a point of interest for biologists. We can find there many bird breeding and we can consider it as the habitat for a rare green toad.

Since the bridge runs in 2 countries, they both have the responsibility to operate it and keep the structure in good shape. To help the states with that, the drivers must pay a toll to cross the Øresund. However, the cost seems worth it, because it allows a region of around 3.7 million people the freedom to live in one country or the other and work in the other one.

Here are some pictures of the unique bridge.


Photo credit: Koosha Paridel

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Source: My Modern Met

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