Cats In Hats Made From Their Own Hair

OK, so, as cat owners, we cannot hide the fact that they shed like hell…

Most likely, you gather up clumps of the fluff and discard of it in the trash, moaning along the way about how ‘Mr Sparklebutt’ or ‘The Chonk’ really needs to stop exploding hair all over your clothes, couch and life, but in the same breath, you approach the cupboard to fetch them their favorite treat.

Ryo Yamazaki has found a much more ‘creative’ approach to dealing with all that feline hair – the crafty cat lover felts hats for his three Scottish Folds to parade in!

In a variety of shapes and styles, some are beret style, some pointy and tall, some more intricate, even complete with ears! There seems to be a hat fit for every occasion.

After creating his masterpieces, he dresses them up and snaps away, with Nyaa, Mar and Wheat left a little confused about what the fuss is all about.


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