Breathtaking Pictures Of a Volcano Erupting Under The Milky Way

The landscape photographer Diego Rizzo has alway been intrigued with nature. He traveled down to Guatemala in an attempt to shoot the eruption of Fuego, an active volcano on the edge of a little town called Antigua Guatemala.

From the start he wanted to give this photo something unique, Rizzo wanted to align the volcano with the mighty milky way.

His whole journey was plannend weeks prior to the trip. From observing the Milky way with several lenses to getting to know the volcano by observing scopes, recent activity logs and webcams.

When clear skies were predicted in combination with lots of activity Rizzo made his move to try his luck.

“After a very tough steep hike I found myself on the Acatenango volcano the next day. I arrived before sunset. It was very cloudy and I couldn’t even see the Fuego next to it. However, clouds were moving fast and I knew it was probably going to clear up. It did. When I saw it erupting up close combined with the powerful sound I was just paralysed. This was amazing. It was literally one of the most impressive things I had ever seen in nature.” Rizzo said.

The final shots you see here are a result of careful planning combined with a bit of luck! However, the meteor was captured in a similar frame taken about 30 minutes earlier, and the volcanic eruption was added later digital:

More info:

Money Shot Of Close Up From Fuego’s Eruption Combined With A Lined Up Milky Way

The Power Of Nature During Sunset

Fuego Spitting Lava At Sunset

Panorama From Campsite Around 9 PM

Panorama From Campsite Around 2 AM


Close Up Eruptions During Morning Blue Hour


Enjoying The Volcano At Sunset

Crazy Morning Eruptions Were A Nice Goodbye


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