Australia Found A Simple And Effective Way To Prevent Plastic Pollution In Water

A new filtration system was installed in the city of Kwinana, Australia in the summer of 2018. Quickly all its benefits became clear, even though it is extremely simple.

A net was placed on the outlet of drainage pipes which captures the trash. It keeps the environment from being contaminated with all the debris.

This trash was usually washed away by heavy rains which pulled it all down to the drainage systems. Within a couple of weeks the new filtration system caught already over 800 pounds of garbage.

Due to this outcome the city decided to install the litter traps all over town.

A special collecting truck empties the nets when they’re full and those trucks brings the litter to a trash-sorting center.

The nets are then put back on the drainage outlets and continue doing their work.

The new filtration system proves that small things matter. Focusing on them can have a significant and positive impact on our environment and humanity in general.

Photo sources: © Old Castle Infrastructure, © Storm Water Systems, © CITY OF KWINANA / FACEBOOK

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