A Mom With Her Two Daughters Take Pictures In Matching Outfits And The Results Are Absolutely Stunning.

The relationship between mother and daughter is usually very special. The ideal mother is one that plays our role model, our teacher and best friend. Dominique Davis, a fashion blogger, is showing well the strong bond she has with her two daughters in a collection of original and adorable pictures called This is Three.

Dominique Davis and her two daughters, Amelia 11 years old and Penny 4 years old, take the stunning photos while wearing cute matching outfits. The ideas for the pictures normally come with the season, holidays or the mood of the day. The mother posts them on her Instagram page with lovely and thoughtful stories.



She said in an interview that she left her job back in 2015 to stay at home and take care of her children. She has never regretted and she still think it was an amazing decision. However, she said; “At times it did become quite lonely. Instagram gave me a mini escape in between changing nappies and doing the school run.”



One day, while she was home with her girls, she posted a photo with the hashtag #allthatisthree on her Instagram, referring to her own blog named All That is She.

She describes it like this; “The #allthatisthree photos came about by chance. One morning, I’d unintentionally dressed myself and Penny in matching striped tops, then Amelia emerged from her bedroom wearing one too. We’d laughed about it and when I was struggling for an image idea later that day, we thought we’d share our joke with everyone else.”



That picture got more than 16 000 likes on Instagram, which encouraged a lot Dominique to post more photo of this kind.

The next one she tried was a lovely coordinated watermelon picture, with “Daughter-melon” as a description.


And you guest it, the photos just kept going from there.

Davis described her work in one of her caption as; “What I love about the #allthatisthree photos – aside from the fact that I get to document the girls and how they change each week – is that it captures the relationship between a mother and daughter, and two sisters. Anything I wear, or any hairstyle I do, Amelia wants to do the same. This flows down to Penny too; anything Amelia says, wears, does, Penny is quick to follow. We all imitate each other.”


In June 2017, they marked the one-year anniversary of This is Three. Davis commented their anniversary picture with the following quote;

“I wonder; can we go for another year? What will the next year of images look like? And how long until my bed is free of glitter and stars?”

I guess her dreams and ideas kept flowing since, nowadays, she keeps posting pictures of This is Three.


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When she got interviewed by the Huffington Post, she described her daughters to be very different. She thinks Amelia has a “huge heart”. The little girl hopes that one day she’ll become a wildlife conservationist. On the other side, her Penny is the typical toddler. She can be described as “bossy, headstrong, inquisitive, full of character and has the ability to make you cry with laughter (or just cry) at any given moment”.



Davis has come to consider their pictures as a daily memory book. Indeed, she said they are “so special for me to look back on that we’ve just continued to create them every week.”



Scroll down to dive in the This is Three memory book and be amazed of how the 4-years-old girls’ personality steals the show.

























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