A Lady Photographs The Most Interesting Doors In London

Recently, a great photographer, Bella Foxwell, has dedicated her time to a special interest. Indeed, her last project has been to scroll down the streets of London in search of the most beautiful and attractive doors.

Take a look at what she discovered while wandering around the capital city of England.

You can also see the complete collection on her Instagram page “The Doors of London”.


It includes such a panorama of coloured doors, so unusual that they look like props from a Wes Anderson film.


Ms. Foxwell has always been amazed by doors, for many reasons.

“It’s partly that I admire people who put so much pride into their front door, particularly those that are very daring, with a strong shade of paint or extravagant door knocker,” she said.


“And it’s partly that doors are very symbolic.
Whether it’s because they represent new opportunities, or because they remind of home. There’s something special about them.”


With her photographs taken between the streets of Notting Hill, Brixton district and further, this passionate woman has attracted more than 50K followers and with her collection still growing it’s going to continue.


It will, without a doubt, infuse you with a solid portion of house envy too.

Keep looking for more stunning doors; 


The charm of doors is hidden way deeper than the facade we can get a chance to see. It’s strongly related with the unknown life they preserve behind them.


It makes us wonder; Who live there, and how do they live?


What inspired these people to have such original doorways?
It makes us want so bad to knock on them and get a bite of the life they have behind those stunning facade.

The photographer said, “A couple of years ago, I was sharing photos with absolutely no one. Nada. Fast forward to today, and I’ve grown an engaged Instagram following of more than 48k.”


While this sudden attention to her work may have surprised her, you can see just by taking a look at her Instagram page that she is creative and that her natural adventurous character keeps her seeking for more and more unique doors.


Some are particular while others are obviously elegant.


We can resist the urge of thinking about the lives that occupied these houses.
Some might be sophisticated, or unconventional. While others, very ordinary, but still fascinating.


Don’t you think these London’s doors are stunning?

Source: Powerful Mind


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