30 ‘Square Comics’ That People With Dark Sense Of Humor Will Enjoy

These sort, dark and hilarious comics are made by the brilliant young mind Alvin Juano. This 24-year-old is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. He started “The Square Comics” in 2014 and has over 430k followers on Instagram.

Every one of Alvins comics are depicted in just 3 or 4 frames. They usually start full of cheer and optimism but has a dark twist to them that will hit hard.

When Alvin started the comics he was in one of lowest periods in his life and he needed something to lift him up. This worked.

In an interview with Bored Panda Alvin mentioned:

“Some of my inspirations are: Ricky Gervais, I enjoy how honest and unfiltered. He is with his opinions and his sarcasm when delivering his jokes. When growing up, my favorite cartoon was Doraemon & Crayon Shin-Chan. And Cyanide & Happiness, Safely Endangered and War and Peas are great webcomic inspirations for me.”

“As for my humor, I think it’s definitely on the darker side. I hear it can be sometimes depressing. Definitely not something my mom would approve!”

For more info follow him on: Instagram | Facebook

Scroll down and check out his humorous and dark comics.

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