Woman Takes Anti-Selfies Stance By ‘Dying’ At Famous Landmarks And They’re Strangely Hilarious

There’s no shortage of Instagram selfies of people in front of landmarks around the world. But these pictures have little to do with the landmarks themselves, they serve merely as a backdrop for ego-driven “influencers” and the likes.

Stephanie Leigh Rose has decided to do something a little differently, her pictures still include her in them, but in a humorous way she mocks others while still making the picture about the place she’s visited.

Death to the Selfie!

Check out her website stefdies.com or her Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Corsica Fountain / La Course

Brunate Lighthouse

Stefdies With Friends At Her Art Exhibit

La Tour Eiffel

Amalfi Beach

Kötlujökull Glacier


Notre Dame

Seven Sisters

Near The Golden Gate Bridge

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