Unconventional Illustrations On True Love That Will Make You Smile If You Are In Love

As the months pass in a relationship, we tend to get lazy. We stop doing as many things, for the other half, as we used to do in the first months. These illustrations are the perfect ideas to bring back a spark in your long-term relationship. Simply remember the time you spent getting ready for your first dates, making sure you looked sharp in the eyes if the other or the little attentions you liked to surprise him or her whenever you were seeing each other. As the relationship ages, we develop comfort and we leave all these little flames behind. Why not just light them up again. No matter how you are doing today, if you have ever been in love with someone for a long time, these drawings will bring back some memories for sure.

Scroll down and get as much ideas as you can;


1. Play hard to get.

No doubt something is going to happen.


2. Keep the jealousy away.


Let them relax.


3. Make the extra effort

What ever it is, it’s always appreciated.


4. Date night

Your plate is my plate.


5. You know what you have to do.

Just do it.


6. Because why not?

Our priorities change.


7. Comfort first.

Both of you should be comfortable in your relationship.


8. Impressions.

Why not dressing sharp again?


9. Cooking always works.

Home cooking has that special thing everyone craves for.

10. Make it special

Light it up sometimes.

11. In sickness and in health.

Always be present.

12. Be yourself

Make the extra effort sometimes.

13. The extra attention.

Head massages are always a good idea.

14. No Shave November

Once in a while, let it go. 

15. All it takes is a gentle touch.

And their heart is warmed up again. 

16. Sleeping in a hug. 

And they melt away!


17. Pedicure time!

Take care of each other. 


18. Appreciate her

For everything she does for you.


19. Airport feeling.

Relive a memory.

20. Take care of her

Little action after an other. 

21. One kiss is all it takes.

Feel it for real!

22. Put your guard down

Let them be part of everything what’s going on inside.

23. Express

Show them how much they mean to you.

24. Keep it real.

Allow both of you to laugh at yourselves.


Source: Veri-Art


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