These Women Ditched The Hair Dye And Prove That ‘Natural Grey’ Is The Way To Go

Many of us reach for the hair dye as soon as the first few gray hairs start to show to maintain a young and vibrant look. We live in a society that seems to have a unified opinion that we shouldn’t just go along with our natural aging process but instead hold onto what is believed to be youthful.

But what if we don’t have to spend all that money and time covering up what’s only part of a natural aging process? Just think of all of that money and time spent in the hairdressers’ salon covering up your natural hair color. Why should we accept the ‘taboo’ about something that is only normal and natural? Martha Truslow Smith, 26 years old, decided that enough was enough and she started the Instagram account “Grombre” as a place of support and positivity for those women who embrace their grey locks.

“The underlying reason I started Grombre was to start a different dialogue around gray hair on women and find the answer to some earnest questions of my own: “Is it true that my gray hair is ugly, makes me look old, and means I’m no longer good enough?,” Martha said. “I’m only in my twenties. If that is true, how will I feel and what will I believe about myself when I’m in my 40s, 50s, 60s?” I want to challenge the way we think about what we consider “beautiful,” and why, and propose that we have more important things to spend our precious time, energy and resources on if we find our hearts aren’t aligning with the things we find to be someone else’s biases.”

Celebrities like Lady Gaga help promote the silver/platinum trend and having grey hair is becoming something that is celebrated and not covered. However, Martha is a little skeptical:  “The thing about silver hair dye is that it’s just that; it’s dye,” she said. “I respectfully don’t understand the comparison between natural silver hair and dyed silver hair: between these two, one challenges the perspective of yourself, your priorities, and your insecurities, all while being a public statement of vulnerability that takes patience to endure, while the other is a chosen color that can change on any given day and may or may not reflect your natural self; the comparison takes two different categories and wraps it up in several neglected conversations. This isn’t said to knock anyone who is dying their hair- if you enjoy it, go for it! If you don’t, then the question I ask is: should you have to?”

The following women have all chosen to keep their natural looks, ditch the hair dye and doing so they look simply gorgeous. Their stories can inspire others to do the same. Some wise words of advice from Martha for young women who find themselves going gray: “Don’t fret over others opinions, instead, follow your calling, and you’ll surprise yourself with how strong you are and where your path will lead you.”

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