The Difference Between Your Expectations When Buying Clothes Vs. The Reality

Weng Chen, the artist behind The Adventures of Messy Cow comics, created a new series of drawings showing how easily our minds play tricks on us when it comes to our bodies and clothes.
Not only are her drawings funny, they hit the nail on my head and caused a light bulb moment – I AM NOT ALONE!

Chen writes “If you ever cared about weight loss, you must have heard this phrase: Don’t go shopping <…> when you are hungry,” Adding, “But I need to tell you another important thing: don’t do any online shopping when you are hungry.”

Of course, she’s not talking  food shopping here and goes onto explain the when you’re hungry, you might get the illusion that you’ve lost weight, your being hungry and your empty belly might make you feel lightheaded and she explains she associates this feeling with being thin. Resulting in an urge to shop for new outfits.

Weng put her dilemma in a nutshell with online shopping by explaining how her empty belly when placing the order seems full when she receives her parcel and says, “I feel more rational when I shop at stores”

Hunger made me do it… here are a few of Chen’s fashion faux pas

You’re sure to enjoy her other funny drawings too. Check out her fart guide that is a must read for every couple that sleeps in the same bed.


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