Talented 15-Year-Old Creates Incredible Animal Drawings From Memory

There aren’t many 15-year-olds who can say they have already published their own encyclopedia, but Dušan Krtolica can. His drawing career started at the age of two, Krtolica started drawing as soon as he was capable of holding a pencil. When Krtolic’s work was first discovered four years ago at the age of 11, his work was already incredibly talented. However, it seems like he has taken his work to an even higher level since then. 

Krtolica’s parents gifted him a comprehensive encyclopedia of the animal kingdom when he was young. That is when Krtolica got fascinated by the animal world and he told his parents he was going to draw them all. Using black pens or pencils, from his photographic memory Krtolica draws all animals in an anatomically correct way. From leopards to elephants, Krtolica draws every little detail in each of his creatures. 

Not only is Krtolica fascinated by the living species – like many children, he has also got great admiration for dinosaurs and ancient mammals. Recently Krtolica had the chance to publish his very own encyclopedia, written and illustrated by nobody but himself. The prehistoric animals are theme of his work. “Our planet is four and a half billion years old” wrote Krtolica on his Facebook page. “If we were to condense the history of Earth into one year, the whole of human existence would fit into the last few minutes. But what kind of species would we be if we did not want to explore everything that happened millions of years ago, before we appeared?”

 You can buy Krtolica’s Encyclopedia of Prehistoric Animals on Amazon and check out more of his drawings on his website. Scroll down to see just how talented Krtolica is.

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