She Photographed Foxes In Her Studio And It Made Her Fall In Love With Their Characters

Rhiannon Buckle is a pet photographer and she normally has dogs or cats as her clients. She surprised herself when she started photographing foxes.

In the UK, where she lives and works, pet foxes aren’t a popular or a normal thing. So she saw the opportunity as a single chance in a lifetime and a beautiful professional challenge. She could pass on this chance because as she mentioned, ‘it was hard to resist putting fox cuddles before taking the photographs’.

She considers herself as lucky that she could work with Joy’s Pets in Gloucestershire, UK. In this shelter, they take care of many exotic animals such as reptiles, owls, hedgehogs and of course the small family of foxes that figures in this article. She didn’t hesitate taking shots of these beautiful but wild animals and she was amazed by the result of her work.

She was in touch with two of the foxes and she did two shootings over one year. The foxes live outdoors, but they are interacting a lot with humans and their owners, so they are mostly domesticated. However,  it was still risky to work with them since she had no idea what to expect from their character.



This is Ruda the adolescent cinnamon fox.

Rhiannon described her as being a bit shy in the studio, but she was making herself at home on the sofas. She said; “She much prefered to lounge on the sofa, where she wanted to chill rather than model!” The adolescent fox was curious about the camera and the photographer managed to get some amazing wide-angle shots of her. This picture wasn’t her first shoot in the studio, so according to Rhiannon, it was easier since she was familiar with the space already.

What a happy fox!

Photographing animal can seems easy, but there is so much to think about. The photographer had to make sure the fox was comfortable with her being around and all her equipment. She also needed to keep in mind the lighting on her subject and the next shot she was going to take. Her brain kept switching from; the fox, the composition, the lighting, the pose, the focus and the timing. Non-stop until the perfect picture.



This is Jaeger the Silver Fox.

The first time she could photograph him was when he was 6 weeks old. She said, “He adapted extremely well to the studio space. He was very curious, sniffing out every nook and cranny, figuring out his surroundings. He was also wanting to cuddle and bury himself into your chest and whilst I was taking photos he fell asleep on set! So cute!!”

The second time she met him, he was around 8 months old. Then, he had human interaction every day so he had learned a few tricks like sit and give paw. The photographer still had to be really careful. She couldn’t consider it as  a dog because his behaviour was still uncertain, but apparently it was hard to  differentiate them sometimes.  Through the shootings, Jaeger still had some wild tendencies, per example when a toy was giving to him it was a challenge to get it off him or when he was receiving a treat, he was getting over excited according to Rhiannon .

6 weeks to 8 months

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Just like dogs,  foxes get very happy when they receive treats.

Baby Jaeger felt asleep on the job!

Foxes grow very fast, even faster than puppies, so the little Jaeger didn’t stay small like this for long.

When the photographer saw him for the second time,  she could barely recognize him. He had grown so fast and was so different.


The British photographer was surprise to discover how foxes like fake snow.

Working with wild animals is always a challenge , especially when that includes being around strangers and in closed spaces. Even though they are considered as pets, these foxes will always retain wild habits. Just like any other animals, we can only predict, to a certain level, what they will do. The photographer believes that whether it’s  domesticated or wild, every animal deserves patience, space and respect when being photographed.

She prepared a list of some fun fox tips for the studio, if anyone else is thinking of photographing this beautiful species.

– They act neither like a cat nor a dog, remember they are a fox.
– Raw meat is the perfect treat, if you run out there’s always the chorizo you had planned for lunch.
– When rewarding with a treat, make sure to be swift and count all fingers are still there once the food is given… ‘Gentle’ doesn’t exist to foxes!
– Once they have a toy, don’t ever expect to get it back… at least not in one piece!
– Make sure you have a super comfy sofa on hand, they love this.
– If you talk on for too long before you start the shoot, they will fall asleep on your lap.

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