Photographer Captured Stunning Pictures Of The Legendary ‘Elephant Queen’

The largest land mammal, The awe-inspiring Elephant. While they are massive and intimidating, they are in fact gentle giants. Sadly, this makes them an easy target for poachers who want to hunt them for their tusks.

Elephant populations are dwindling in the wild, between 2002 and 2011 the population of wild elephants has decrease by a massive 62%. That’s scary.

There is however one Elephant who’s been surviving in the wild for over 60 years and has remained unharmed. She is known as “The Elephant Queen”

British Photographer Will Burrard-Lucus together with Tsavo Trust and Kenya Wildlife Service have teamed up to capture these insane images of the Tsavo wildlife, and particularly The Elephant Queen in all her glory and wisdom.

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