Old Cement Factory Turned Into a Home, And The Result Is Mind-Blowing

When an artist finds its inspiration true masterpieces see the light of day. As was the case with the creation of Ricardo Bofill, an architect with a vision. In 1973, Bofill stumbled upon an old and forgotten cement factory and inspiration struck. The process begun of converting this factory into a modern day hanging garden.

The factory is located outside of Barcelona and closed down during World War I. It was completely hidden and out of sight, over time forgotten of its existence. Once it was the discovered by Bofill, he bought right away and started the transformation with his team.

A place which was once a source of pollution was transformed into a green oasis. The exterior of the factory was filled with rich vegetation. Yet, for the vision of Bofill to manifest, the entire building had to be transformed. This process takes already more than 45 years. Bofill has carved the walls, fitted artistic doors, installed curved panels and placed a huge library in the the middle of the complex. And still he says it’s far from over. “La fabrica” is a work in progress. It does not resemble a cement factory in the slightest bit anymore. Ricardo created a work of art that functions as his living and work space.

Have a look at what this artist created up until today:

For more information visit the website Ricardo Bofill


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