Meet Zuu – The Adorable Cat Who Looks Like He’s Constantly Yawning & Tired Of Life

At first glance, Zuu, the adorable Exotic Long Hair, looks like he has his mouth wide open. Is he yawning? Is he shocked? Nope – it’s just the markings on his chin that give the impression that he’s just woken up from an awful alarm at 5am.

Zuu lives with his owner, Chika, and his friend Bocco, who is an exotic shorthair.

“Bocco is a shy boy and not used to strangers, but he loves getting a massage from me and stalks me around everywhere in the house. He also used to be good friends with the hedgehogs that I used to have. Zuu is more open to others and not afraid of dogs that he meets in the park.”

“I’m really surprised that we are getting so many followers recently. I am very happy when I see positive comments that say the pictures made them smile, for that is also how I feel looking at them.”

“Also they are super lazy and won’t eat by themselves. I need to bring the food pellet to their mouth…”

“Zuu doesn’t have good athletic skills so he’s not good at heights nor jumping. He still hasn’t been able to reach the top of the cat tower,”

More info: Instagram

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