Guy Makes His Tiny Dog Look As Big As She Thinks She Is

Together with his canine companion, artist Mitch Boyer is working on Vivian the Dog Moves to Brooklyn, a children’s book about the relocation of a big dachshund to the “big city.” New York may be big, but when it comes to the four-foot character of the title, “big” might be an understatement — with photo-illustration techniques and visual effects similar to those used in movies like The Hobbit, Boyer transforms his tiny pup into an adorable giant, towering head-to-head with her owner at six feet tall.

Boyer raised money for the publication through Kickstarter, where he explains that during their five years as a pet and owner he and Vivian moved between four states, five cities, and ten different homes. They plan to stay after two years in Brooklyn, but the stress of moving to a brand new location remains a clear memory, hence the project’s inspiration. More than 5.5 million children between the ages of 1 and 9 must move with their families every year in the U.S., and Mitch wants to give these children comfort as they say goodbye to their old stomping grounds and settle in unfamiliar environments.








Here’s what Vivian and Boyer really look like, side by side:


And here’s a taste of the behind-the-scenes Photoshop magic involved:


Mitch Boyer: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter
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