Cow Cuddling Is a Thing And It Costs 300 Dollars For a 90 Minute Session

Perhaps you are already familiar with cat or goat yoga, but we bet that you weren’t aware yet of the newest wellness trend: cow cuddling.

It might be strange for some people, but according to researchers, spending time with animals can be really beneficial for our health. And although we can’t do yoga with a cow, cuddling one can do miracles for our well-being. According to PubMed, spending time with animals lowers our stress level.

Cuddling with animals has been proven to reduce stress and connect us with nature. According to Mountain Horse Farm in upstate New York, cows have a lower heart rate and their body temperature is higher than ours, hence cuddling them provides a relaxing experience. Mountain Horse Farm says that cows and horses have a special body language to communicate with human beings. They can sense if we’re happy, sad or anxious. The animals will respond without judgment. Spending time with cows gives us awareness, comfort, healing, relaxation, and mindfulness. It can even improve our confidence and assertiveness.

Animal behavior expert, Mario Becker, spoke about the new trend and its effect on cows. He says that cows aren’t “made” to cuddle with human beings. The facilitators at Mount Horse Farm say, however, that the cows at the farm are loved and treated very well. They live a life that is very similar to what it would be like in the wild.

At Mountain Horse Farm you can try the “Horse & Cow Experience”. This entails individual time with a large animal where you can also pet or brush animals if you like. A session of 90 minutes “Horse & Cow Experience” will cost you 300 dollars. You can also get a 60-minute session for 75 dollars. It is possible to invite your friends.

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