Bridge In Germany Transformed To Look Like Giant LEGO Bricks

The Schewesterstrasse bridge in Wuppertal has been transformed from an ordinary concrete underpass to an incredible colorful set of giant LEGO bricks. In the Rhine-Westphalia region of western Germany, street artist Megx (Martin Heuwold) made this bridge looks like it’s made from jumbo plastic toys. 

As a teenager Megx developed a strong interest for graffiti and followed a training as a painter and varnisher to finetune his skills. The citizens of Wuppertal elected Megx in 2011 to make the Wuppertal bridge come alive. The underpass used to be part of the Wuppertal railway line but was repurposed as an underpass for cyclists and pedestrians. Inspired by his two daughters’ LEGO brick toys, Megx wanted to make his concept become reality. With permission of The LEGO Group, Megx and his team painted the 250-square-meters (2,700-square-foot) in colorful shades in just under two weeks time. 

In 2012 Megx was awarded the Deutscher Fassadenpreis Advancement Prize for his piece of playful art the Lego-Brücke (Lego Bridge). The photos above show the amazing transformation of the bridge. In 2014 he received another award for his art. Make sure to check out Megx’s Instagram to see more of his art projects.

For more info on Megx: Website | Instagram

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