Artist Creates Flower Crowns For Animals And They Look Majestic

Flower crowns are all the rage, especially with young woman who attend festivals, or even for many on their wedding day, and who could argue, they look very pretty! But what happens when you put flower crowns on animals?

And that’s where Yarley comes in, she started Freya’s Floral Company in California where they make gorgeous flower crowns for animals, and people too.

The company was started after she got such awesome positive feedback after creating a crown for her Australian Shepard named Freya.

“I received such positive feedback that I decided to begin making crowns for other dogs to spread the love”

Yarley says her crowns are all unique and no two are ever the same. They are made using artificial flowers so they last forever. She also takes custom orders.

The Crowns are so popular, her most famous model to date has been the Instagram star, Leonidas. Leo is a Maine Coon with over 160k followers. Leo has modeled quite a few of Freya’s Floral Company flower crowns, and people adore them!

“I knew nothing about making crowns so I just winged it. After posting a photo of Freya in her crown I received a lot of positive feedback. I am a Chicana and Spanish speaker. When I visit Mexico, I draw inspiration from the colors and the vibrant energy.”

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