Artist Arranges Rocks And Leaves Into Captivating Mandalas And Spirals In The Nature

The Artist James Brunt, based in Yorkshire, uses sticks, stones and other natural materials to create his detailed ephemeral art. With some captivating mandalas, infinite spirals and a very special sculpture, his collection of outdoor creations really follows the tradition of creatively using nature as a canvas.

Brunt produces his artwork in different locations, including sandy beaches, wooded parks, and even in some local schools playground. In all of his creation, he uses materials found on-site and then he places it to form his impermanent installations. He can always find artistic value in everyday ephemera. Simple rocks can become perfect mandala stones, fallen leaves turn into stunning spirals, and overlooked twigs can be transformed into twisting illusions.The artist photographs each of his creation once it is complete. He’s doing so not only to immortalize his inherently temporary creations, but also because his photos and prints capture “the dramatic point of balance,” which he described in an interview as “both poetically fragile to look at and yet deceptively solid due to the nature of the raw material.”

In addition to creating ephemeral installations, Brunt also has other experimental hobbies. As a co-founder and leading “creative chap” of Responsible Fishing UK, which is a small organization that produce art for communities out of recycled materials, he likes to spend time arranging domino toppling, large-scale beach drawings, and kid-friendly cardboard creations.

Scroll down to take a look at James Brunt eye-catching ephemeral art;













To learn  more about this incredibly talented land artist, you can visit his WEBSITE or Responsible Fishing UK, web page.

Source: My Modern Met

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