7 Children Were Asked To Draw Bedrooms Of Their Dreams, And Here’s What They’d Look Like In Real Life

Growing up, all we wanted was to be adults, but now that we are in adulthood, I think we all realise how overrated that wish was. Amongst all the other things that come with being older, being an adult is boring.

One thing I do remember from my childhood (and even now) is dreaming up what I wanted my bedroom to look like. While I was blessed with a lovely room, we could definitely not afford all the crazy cool things I really dreamed of having in my room.

NeoMan, a creative studio based in London, asked children from around the globe to draw their “dream” bedrooms. No limits as to what they could put inside. Their ultimate fantasy bedroom. NeoMam then brought these ideas to life in extremely realistic CGI renders.

Seven-year-old Elias from Greece

Nine-year-old Viola from Ukraine

Five-year-old Inaya from Pakistan

Six-year-old Martin from Spain

Ten-year-old Harry from England

Ten-year-old Briana from the Philippines

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