54 Quotes From Yearbook That Are Simply Hilarious.

Writing a quote for your yearbook can be a little tricky, especially since you are only allowed a incredibly small amount of symbols. You want your classmates to remember you the right way, but sometimes it can ends up being really embarrassing, funny or just lame, a couple years later.

Here is a collection of picture with yearbook quotes that absolutely nailed it. No one will ever know if it was planned to be that funny, but either way, it will make you laugh for sure.

Scroll below for the hilarious list of yearbook quotes;


#1 “The Office, Season 7, Episode 19, Minute 14:45”



#2 “I Hate Having To Explain To Everyone Why I Wear A Hijab But If Everyone Must Know: Voldemort Has Possessed Me And His Face Is Living On The Back Of My Head.”



#3 “High School Was Easy. It Was Like Riding A Bike. Except The Bike Was On Fire & The Ground Was On Fire & Everything Was On Fire Because It Was Hell.”



#4 “I’m That Nigerian Prince That Keeps Emailing You.”



#5 “The ‘s’ Is Silent.”



#6 “I Went Through Four Years Of High School Without Having Bad Hair Day.”



#7 “Just Because You’re A Trash Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Do Great Things. It’s Called Garbage Can, Not Garbage Cannot.”



#8 “Master Has Given Megan A High School Diploma, Megan Is Freeeee!”



#9 We Are Not Related



#10 “No, I Did Not Have A Farm.”



#11 “The Happier We Get, The Less We See #asian #life .”



#12 “I Got A Haircut And No One Noticed.”



#13 “Don’t Use That Stupid Lumberjack Photo.” -Mom



#14 “I Am Not Amith. I Am A Legend.”



#15 “I Am Not Vegetarian Because I Love Animals; I Am A Vegetarian Because I Hate Plants.”



#16 “I Got Kicked Out Of Hogwarts For Using Black Magic.”



#17 “I Like My Coffee Like I Like My Women, I Don’t Like Coffee.”



#18 I Was Planned. I Was Not.



#19 “Of Course I Dress Well, I Didn’t Spend All The Time In The Closet For Nothing.”



#20 “Why You No Doctor Yet?” – Dad



#21 “I Hear Everything.”




#22 “No, Xenia, Your Senior Quote Can’t Be ‘fries Before Guys.'”- Dad



#23 “I Started High School With Straight A’s, Now I’m Not Even Straight.”



#24 “The Next Quote Is A Lie. The Previous Quote Is Telling The Truth.”



#25 “Why Fall In Love When You Can Fall Asleep.”



#26 “I Asked God For A Bike, But I Know God Doesn’t Work That Way, So I Stole A Bike And Asked God For Forgiveness.”



#27 Ctrl + C , Ctrl + V



#28 “Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, I’m Black.”



#29 “My A’s Turned To B’s And So Did My Grades, God Bless.”



#30 “Waking Up Is The Second Hardest Thing In The Morning.”



#31 “Education Is Important But Big Biceps Are Importanter.”



#32 “I’ve Been A Ho My Whole Life.”



#33 “You Got To Enjoy The Little Things In Life, Like Blowing Bubbles.” / “They Call Me Bubbles In The Classroom, Because I’m Always Rising To The Top.”



#34 “Honey! Where Is My Super Suit!!!”



#35 “I Hate My Name.”



#36 “I Spent 113,880 Hours Of My Life For A Paper And A Handshake.”



#37 “It’s Hard Being A Single Mother, Especially When You Have No Children And Are A Teenage Male.”



#38 “I Had To Put My Grades Up For Adoption Because I Couldn’t Raise Them.”



#39 “I Would Like To Thank My Arms For Always Being By My Side. My Legs For Always Supporting Me And Finally My Fingers; Because I Could Always Count On Them.”



#40 “Yes, That Is My Actual Last Name.”



#41 “Just Give Me My Diploma And Pronounce My Name Correctly” – Every African Kid Ever.



#42 Daniel And The Cooler Daniel



#43 “I’m Only 3 1/2 Minutes Younger”… “Best 3 1/2 Minutes Of My Life.”



#44 “Knock Knock.”… “Who’s There?”… “Not The Triplets. We Graduated”



#45 “What Is Better? To Be Born Good Or To Overcome Your Evil Nature Through Great Effort?” – Paarthurnax, Skyrim.



#46 “Bet You Didn’t Know This Was Even An Option.”



#47 “You Can’t See Me” – John Cena



#48 “I Always Knew Brooke Would End Up On Top Of Me.”



#49 “Sometimes When My Neighbour Is Gone, I Roll Around In Her Garden And Pretend I’m A Carrot.”



#50 “I Look Better In Person.”



#51 “I Do Have A Soul.”



#52 “You’re An Asian, Not A B-sian.”



#53 “Fluorine Uranium Carbon Potassium Bismuth Technetium Helium Sulphur Iodine Mendelevium Oxygen Neon”



#54 “Hard Work”



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