28 Persons That Found Their Doppelgängers By Accident While Visiting A Museums, They Capture Their Amazing Discovery

Here is a compilation of people whose might have travelled in time to take a picture with their twins kept in a classical painting. If you still can’t believe it, scroll down to see for yourself the reaction of these people.

Hope you will enjoy these matches as much as we do.


#1 Face To Face With Yourself In A Museum


#2 So He Goes To The Art Museum And This Happened



#3 Made An Interesting Discovery At The Art Museum Today


#4 The Doppelgänger Experience


#5 So I Found A Picture Of Myself Dressed As A Samurai 111 Years Ago At The Met. Apparently I Was A Collector Of Samurai Armour, I’ve Drunk A Lot Since Then So I Don’t Really Recall But It’s Totally Plausible That’s It’s Me


#6 My Friend Is Actually A Time Traveller


#7 Found My Great-Great Grandmother At Louvre


#8 Found My Doppelgänger At The Louvre. Íñigo Melchor De Velasco


#9 I’m The Head


#10 Found My Dopplegänger From Half A Century Ago In An Art Museum In Zurich


#11 My Best Mate Went To The Louvre And Discovered A Painting Of Him Done Many Years Before


#12 Twin From The Past


#13 My Friend Spotted This Painting Of Himself While Walking Through The Met


#14 Gallery Lookalike


#15 Found His Doppelgänger In Trento, Italy Science Museum


#16 I Found My Pre-Pre-Pre-Existence


#17 Weird Al Proves He Is Immortal At The Louvre


#18 Historic Doppelganger Time


# 19 “I’m Henry The 8th I Am”


#20 Visited Paris This Weekend. Just When I Was About To Take A Picture Of The Mona Lisa Something Better Caught My Eye


#21 The Painting And I Were Matching


#22 We Found Our Baby’s Doppelgänger At The Gallery


#23 The Doppelganger From The Louvre Made Me Remember A Pic That I Took


#24 I Think It Captures Him


#25 Well Now, That’s Quite A Resemblance!


#26 Me And Mexican Artist Juan Garcìa Ponce


#27 When You Regret Shaving Your Stache Off


#28 On Our Trip To Paris, My Friend Found Is Doppelganger In The Louvre. Hilarity Ensued


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