27 Times Nature Made Us Say NOPE ”(WARNING: This List Might Be Too Scary For You)”

Mother nature can be absolutely breathtaking and creates indescribable beauty. Yet today this is not what we are featuring in the spotlights. Today we show a darker side. A side, most of us would rather avoid.

From creepy crawlers to life threatening situations. You’ll see it all. But we won’t blame you if you say: “Nope, not my cup of tea”. Cause to be franc, it’s also not ours!

Scroll down if you dare to discover the darker of mother nature (sometimes combined with human creations):

P.S: We cannot guarantee this won’t give you nightmares

1. Hermit Crab Using A Discarded Doll Head For A Shell

2. This Lava Pit Looks Like It’s Sucking The Souls Of The Damned Into Hell

3. Wasps Build Nest Around A Discarded Child’s Doll

4. An Abandoned Hornet’s Nest My Dad Found In His Shed That He Hadn’t Been In For A Couple Years. The Head Is Apart Of A Wooden Statue It Fused With

5. Mama Centipede Protecting Her Babies

6. Somebody Responsible For The Lake Found The Fox (Which Drowned) In The Ice, Cut Him Out And Put Him Back On The Ice To Keep People Off The Ice

7. Cymothoa Exigua Is A Type Of Parasite That Enters Fish’s Gills, Eats Their Tongue, And Then Replaces It

8. Husks Of Dead Flowers. Look Like Skulls/Plague Masks

9. Devil’s Fingers Fungus

10. Nope, just nope

11. So Many Bees In The Wall That Their Honey Is Leaking Through An Outlet

12. Antarctic Worm Species Called Eulagisca Gigantean

13. This Busy Owl Killed 70+ Lemmings And Surrounded His Nest With Their Fresh Corpses

14. A Centipede That Was Devoured By A Viper, Ate Its Way Out

15. This Tree In Nebraska Was Struck By Lightning And Burning Afterwards A Day Later

16. Lizard Growing Another Foot On It’s Tail?

17. Fireants Create A Floating Island Of Themselves To Ride Out The Houston Flooding

18. Was About To Show My Kids That Cicada Shells Aren’t Gross And Scary When

19. A Beehive Built Around Wind Chimes At My Friend’s House

20. The Sheepshead Fish Has Human-Like Teeth

21. Wingless Fly Penicillidia That Attaches To Bats’ Heads And Never Leaves Its Body

22. This Gecko With Three Tails

23. Battle-Scarred Hippo

24. A Landslide In Taiwan

25. Mussel Contained A Tiny Half-Eaten Crab

26. A Venus Fly Trap Getting A Huge Meal

27. Lamprey’s Mouth

h/t: Bored Panda

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